Paterson Parent’s Early Childhood Wiki
The Paterson Parents Pre-K Wiki provides you with the support that will make your child’s preschool experience a creative and productive one. The wiki provides a wealth of ideas and websites useful to parents and teachers of preschool children. The designers of the wiki are from the Paterson Public Schools Early Childhood Department and are hopeful that you will enjoy and find it helpful.

The Paterson Public School District and the Paterson Board of Education have the expectation that all preschoolers who attend our program for two years and are developmentally ready, have the necessary skills to read age-appropriate books. We firmly believe that preschool children can learn to read in a way that is developmentally and culturally appropriate if they are presented with the necessary supports.

Please refer to the document below for the listing of the 2015-2016 State Mandated Preschools:

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